Friday, September 1, 2017

St. Pierre et Miquelon, France- mile 1998 lat 47degN 04' long 55degW 49"

We left Gander at 8:15am in a light rain dressed in our waterproof suits for the first time this trip, We needed to get to a small port on a remote southern peninsula by 13:30 to catch the ferry to these possessions of France, The 160k on the trans Canada was wet but uneventful. I misjudged the remoteness of the next 150k and we were running low on gas when we saw a handwritten sigh that there was gas  available 14k out of our way on a small town via a road not marked on the map, we had no idea when we would find a gas station on our road so we had to divert. That gave us enough to make it to the ferry,

These shots are of "Fortune", the ferry port on the newfoundland side.


These shots are of St. Pierre in France where we are tonight:

We left our bike back in Canada:

Along with these thing we did not need. Hope they are all there tomorrow!

This is where we are now:

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