Saturday, September 2, 2017

St. John's, NL - mile 2021 lat 47degN 33" long 52degW 32'

We left Saint Pierre at 8 o'clock this morning after a small breakfast of croissants. We found  our motorcycle and baggage we had left behind in good order and get started on our 4 1/2  half hour drive to Saint John's, It rained quite hard at the beginning and we wore our full rainsuits the whole day.

The rain subsided after about one hour but they were strong wind gusts the entire way and it was quite fatiguing to drive the motorcycle in those winds, We took a number of breaks though and we arrived here in St. John's at about 3 o'clock in the afternoon. We are now going to take a whole day off and stay in this nice hotel for two nights and not leave until late Monday morning. This is the first time in this whole trip we have spent more than one night in the same place. Here are a couple of pictures of picturesque St. John's harbor:


This is where we are tonight:

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